Electric Vehicle Conversions

At Jack's Garage, we now provide an electric vehicle conversion service for your beloved Volkswagens.

Give your beloved VW a new bionic body that requires significantly less servicing. New parts are cheaper and the cost per mile is much cheaper. By having your VW converted to electric, you eliminate the pollution that the fuel version would have created, and the pollution that manufacturing a new electric vehicle would produce.

How we do it:

First, we check that the chassis can accommodate the new components ie the battery and then the engine, gearbox, and fuel tank are all removed. The vehicle must be structurally sound, so it is prepared for the conversion unit with a little welding and repositioning of some components. After that, we install the conversion unit and wire everything in place and load the software. At that point, we also carry out any upgrades that might be needed to the steering, suspension, or brakes – as per client requirements. The whole conversion process takes between one and six weeks to complete.

There are three generations of classic car EV conversion units available:


At Jack's Garage we love Volkswagens and we’re happy to work on all models, regardless of age – we love the classics too! We’ve got a talented, experienced team that can always be relied on to provide top quality work, so for all your VW repair and maintenance needs, get in touch with Jack's Garage.

To find out more about Electric Vehicle Conversions in London W10, contact us online or call us directly on 020 7243 8926

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